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Shrewsbury approves budgets

SHREWSBURY — Voters approved everything on the ballot Tuesday.
The $1,004,392 Shrewsbury Town School District budget passed by a vote of 216-118. The $3,451,611 town budget was approved 258-76.
Voters approved $50,000 for the town road equipment fund, $26,000 for the fire department reserve fund, $25,000 for the fire department itself, $14,348 for bus leasing, $12,000 for the Shrewsbury Community Meeting House and 22 smaller appropriations.

Town Meeting: Shewsbury

Town budget
Proposed $3,451,611 up more than four fold from last year’s $797,706, but the amount to be raised by taxes is only $524,501, up 4.9 percent or $24,283 from last year’s $500,218. The overall increase is largely due to FEMA-reimbursable flooding expenses.

School budget
Proposed $1,004,392, up $61,705 or 6.5 percent from last year’s $942,687.

Contested races
There are no contested races.

Meeting location
Voting takes place from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on March 6 at the Shrewsbury Community Meeting House.