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Man charged with killing moose out of season

STARKSBORO — Vermont game wardens have charged a Starksboro man with killing a moose out of season.
Shaun E. Rublee, 25, is accused of shooting animal, which was found dead on Guthrie Road in Lincoln on Oct. 5.
Vermont’s firearms moose hunting season runs from Oct. 20 to 25.
Game wardens said they searched Rublee’s home and seized eight bags of moose meat, moose antlers, tools used to butcher a moose carcass, a rifle and several rounds of ammunition.
Rublee faces fines and restitution of up to $2,500 and 60 days in jail or both.

Doe permits to arrive on postcard

Deer permits to come by mail
BARRE — Antlerless deer hunting permits for the Dec. 1-9 muzzleloader season will be mailed to recipients in the form of a postcard in early November, according to the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department.
The department cautions hunters to put the postcard in a safe place until December. The Fish and Wildlife Board approved the number of December muzzleloader permits at 12,425 for 15 of the state’s 24 wildlife management units. Hunters who will receive the permits are listed on the department’s website,

Trapping season starts Oct. 27

MONTPELIER — Vermont officials are reminding trappers state law requires them to complete a training course instructing them on rules, regulations and humane trapping methods.
The state’s trapping season starts Oct. 27. State owned land is open to trapping, but trappers must get permission from private landowners.
The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department oversees the harvest of 13 common species of furbearers ranging from weasels to coyotes.

Game reporting stations are announced

BARRE — The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department has identified the reporting stations for the 2012 hunting seasons.

The department says hunters who take a bear, deer, turkey or moose must, by law, bring the animal within 48 hours to the nearest game warden or the nearest official reporting station.

For a complete list see the FWD website at

Bear hunting season starts Saturday

BRATTLEBORO — Vermont Fish and Wildlife officials say the state’s black bear population is estimated at slightly more than 6,000, higher than the goal sought for the state’s big game management plan.
Biologist Forrest Hammond said 25 years ago, the bear population was less than 3,000. The 2010-2020 plan aimed for 4,500 to 6,000 bears.
Vermont’s bear hunting season starts Saturday. Hunters are encouraged to wear fluorescent orange while in the woods. Hunters are required to collect a small pre-molar tooth from each harvested bear for officials to learn about the status of the bear population.
Hunters took 396 bears last year in Vermont.

Second meeting to be held on land use rule

WATERBURY — Vermont residents have another opportunity to weigh in on a proposed rule to regulate public activities on land owned by the state Fish & Wildlife Department.
The proposal would allow hunting and fishing on more than 133,000 acres. It prohibits snowmobiling, mountain biking and horseback riding except in designated corridors.
Officials say the proposal will give game wardens the authority to enforce the rule. The Fish and Wildlife Board has given preliminary approval to the proposal.
A hearing will be held Thursday at Kehoe Conservation Camp in Castleton at 6 p.m. A previous hearing was held Tuesday in Montpelier.