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Middletown Springs passes spending plans

MIDDLETOWN SPRINGS — Voters approved their town and school budgets Tuesday.
Voting totals weren’t available Wednesday afternoon. But the Town Clerk’s Office turned over ballot results that showed the proposed $200,664 town budget, up 4.6 percent from this year’s $191,680 budget, was approved.
The proposed $381,963 highway budget also passed. The budget was up 0.3 percent over this year’s $380,794 spending plan.
On the school side, voters approved the proposed $1,934,623 school budget, up 6.8 percent more than this year’s $1,810,936 budget.

Town Meeting: Middletown Springs

Town budget
Proposed $200,664, $8,984 or 4.6 percent more than this year’s $191,680 budget. The largest increase in the proposed budget is a $5,915 increase in legal expenses.

Highway budget
Proposed $381,963, a $1,169 or 0.3 percent increase over this year’s $380,794 spending plan.

School budget
Proposed $1,934,623, $123,687 or 6.8 percent more than this year’s $1,810,936 budget. The budget includes a $66,000 increase in tuition costs for secondary students, a $19,000 increase in special education expenses and an $11,000 increase in health insurance expenditures.

Special articles
Article 5 of the school warning asks voters if they’re interested in investigating the benefits of school consolidation followed by a question about whether the town should spend $2,000 for the study.
Article 7 of the school budget asks voters if they want to approve up to $10,000 to hire a part-time teacher to conduct a foreign language program at the Middletown Springs Elementary School. The position would be a .2 full-time equivalent.
Article 6 of the town warning asks voters if the town should borrow $77,300 to purchase and clean the Parker property at the corner of South and East streets.
Article 9 asks voters if they will urge the state and federal governments to adopt taxation and spending policies that reduce the growing disparity of wealth.
Article 10 asks voters if they will support a U.S. Constitutional amendment that recognizes that money is not speech and that corporations are not persons.
Article 11 asks voters if they will oppose a section of the National Defense Authorization Act that allows for the indefinite military detention without trial of any person.

Contested races
There are no contested races in town this year.

Meeting location
An informational meeting will be held at the Firehouse Hall at 7:30 p.m. March 5. Voting by Australian ballot will take place March 6 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.