Town rebuilds Fenway replica ball field

CAVENDISH — Volunteers in the southern Vermont town of Cavendish are putting the finishing touches on reconstructing a mini Fenway Park that was destroyed by Tropical Storm Irene.
Selectman Mark Huntley says Greven Field was destroyed when the Black River overflowed its banks and tore through the complex when Irene churned through Vermont in 2011.
After the town’s homes, businesses and roads were repaired, townspeople turned their attention to the field, a pint-size replica of the 100-year-old Fenway Park. The floodwaters destroyed the field, and its 16-foot-high Green Monster left-field wall was knocked over and covered with silt.
Huntley tells Vermont Public Radio the town is now transforming the field into a recreation center, with a volleyball net and a basketball court behind the reconstructed Green Monster.

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