Sanders to discuss budget cuts

BURLINGTON — U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, a member of the Senate Budget Committee, plans to discuss how the automatic cuts to the federal government are impacting Vermonters.
Sanders will hold a press conference on Monday morning at his Burlington office.
The independent senator says he will talk about the direction he is fighting for as a member of the committee.
Sanders said last week that he was working with the committee on a 10-year budget which would create jobs, lower the deficit and protect working families and the most vulnerable people.
He said the committee bill should move to the Senate floor later this month, and that he’ll keep pushing for tax increases on the wealthy and corporations to help close the nation’s budget deficit.

One Response to Sanders to discuss budget cuts

  1. You don’t make the poor rich by making the rich poor.
    Our once great nation needs more taxPAYERS, not more taxes. And you don’t bring in the money necessary to fix our problems by just taxing the other guy.
    Sen. Sanders, we need a complete overhaul of the 77,000 page tax code! It needs to go into the woodstove!  When you have a small percentage of people paying 75% of the money collected, we have a problem. You’re a Socialist. You know full well that Socialist countries like Denmark have a tax system where EVERYBODY pays 40% to 60% of their income in taxes to fund the government programs you like.
    We need a flat tax, or a national sales tax on new goods. Study after study shows it brings in more money, and by more people paying, more people start looking at the spending. And I know that’s something you don’t want.
    Everybody brings home 100% of their paycheck. No deductions, no nothing. And with taxes eliminated in industry, goods will see a reduction in prices, so a sales tax would mean the same prices as now. Remember boys and girls, business do NOT pay taxes, they pass them along to us in the form of higher prices.
    Sigh, I know we now live in an “us vs them” society, so what happens when we run out of rich people to tax?

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