Proposed law would have non-union members pay fee

MONTPELIER — The Vermont Senate is expected this week to give final passage to a bill that calls on public employees who don’t join their union to pay the union an agency fee for representing them in collective bargaining.
The bill would affect teachers, state and municipal employees whose pay and working conditions are negotiated by unions. If the employee doesn’t join the union and pay dues, he or she would be required to pay 85 percent of what members pay in dues.
The Senate voted 26-3 to support a committee’s version of the bill and then advanced it on a voice vote on Friday. It’s expected up for final approval on Tuesday before moving to the House.

2 Responses to Proposed law would have non-union members pay fee

  1. the senate and state government is once again taking from people and giving to others against their will.
    This bill takes away the individuals right to not subscribe to a union.The fact that the union represents some of the workers does not mean all should be forced to accept what the union represents and have no choice in making a payment

  2. the UNIONS now run the state

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