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Brattleboro to look at renewing police and fire stations

BRATTLEBORO — The selectboard is close to approving plans for renovating aging police and fire stations, a problem first identified nearly 30 years ago.
A special meeting has been scheduled Tuesday to discuss the plans.
The renovations are estimated to cost $14.3 million. The Brattleboro Reformer reports ( one of the major changes is relocating the emergency operations center from the West Brattleboro station to the Central Station.

Suspicious fire in Hartford

HARTFORD — Hartford Police are looking for information about a suspicious fire that occurred on Aug. 26.
The fire took place late in the evening at 43 Pine St. Hartford Police and Fire Departments responded to a school bus fire and saw two more buses ablaze. The buses belonged to Butler’s Bus Service.
Anyone with information on the incident should contact Hartford Police at 295-9425.

Convicted murderer Grega to be released pending new trial

John Grega, who was convicted in 1995 of murdering his wife, Christine Grega in Wilmington, has had his conviction overturned and will be released on $75,000 bail. Windham County Superior Court Judge John P. Wesley has also granted Grega a new trial, based on a new analysis of DNA evidence in the case.

A court order released today has said that Grega will have to live with his mother in Long Island, check in with authorities daily, and not contact the family of Christine Grega, among other requirements, while on release.

Greg petitioned successfully to have DNA evidence collected in the Christine Grega murder investigation analyzed under a 2008 Vermont law requiring it under certain circumstances. The new analysis found unidentified DNA, which led to a motion by his lawyers to overturn the conviction.

Town’s offices to reopen after Irene

WILMINGTON — The town offices and police department in a small southern Vermont town are scheduled to reopen in their original home nearly a year after flooding from Tropical Storm Irene forced them to move.
The Wilmington town offices and police department will reopen at the rebuilt and renovated Town Hall on Monday.
Torrential rains from Irene flooded the building’s first floor along Main Street, filling rooms with more than 4 feet of water and debris.
Town Manager Scott Murphy told the Brattleboro Reformer that renovation costs were about $80,000 and have been paid for by the town’s flood insurance.

Man with kids in car charged with DUI

ROCKINGHAM — A 29-year-old Vermont man faces multiple charges after he allegedly tried to elude police while driving drunk with two young children in his car.
State police say a trooper attempted to stop a vehicle for speeding in Rockingham shortly before 11 p.m. Saturday.
Officials say the driver sped up to 63 mph in a 25-mph zone before stopping.
The driver, Ryan Crosby of Athens, was charged with attempting to elude, gross negligent operation of a vehicle, driving under the influence-third offense, driving with a suspended license and child endangerment, due to the two young children in the vehicle.

Man who poured drink on clerk arrested

A man who was cited for disorderly conduct for pouring a soda on the head of a clerk at the Londonderry Clark’s IGA has been arrested for trespassing, resisting arrest and assault on a police officer just a day later.

Terrance Slade, 47, of Londonderry, was ordered to keep away from the Clark’s IGA and the Londonderry Plaza after an incident at the store in the late morning Monday, where he allegedly poured a large beverage on the back and head of a clerk just after he’d bought it from her.

 However, Slade reportedly returned to the store later that evening, and again in the morning Tuesday, both times making purchases and leaving the store. At around 7 p.m. Tuesday, police were back at the store following up when Slade returned. He was arrested and charged, and held on $200 bail at the Southern State Correctional Facility in Springfield. He’s scheduled to be arraigned in Brattleboro today.

Scammers try new twist on Vt. business

Winhall Police are warning local businesses that scammers are using a new twist on an old scam in Southern Vermont.
On Monday The Stones Lodge Restaurant in Bondville told police they had received several calls through a TTY Relay Service from a person wanting to order $1,500 and charge it to a credit card.
The relay service is a system that allows hearing and speech impaired people to communicate over telephone. In this new twist, the caller placed an order with the restaurant, then asked the staff to add $500 to the bill, charge it to the card, and wire the “extra” to their driver, who would be picking up the food, according to police.  The “extra” money would be for the drivers’ expense and would ‘save the caller from having to incur more charges on his card.’
The Stones Lodge Restaurant refused to place the orders; the manager said they had received about five of these scam calls.
Winhall Police investigated and found that one of the scammer numbers was a landline in New York City, but the origin could not be traced. Police also found other cases with the same method of operation in the Western and Southern United States, but not in the New England area. Target businesses include restaurants and auto repair services.

The Winhall Police Department offers the following advice to business owners and operators:
 *   If the customer is using a TTY relay operator, ask the customer for his/her full name, address and telephone number.

 *   Ask the customer to provide the name of the issuing bank and its toll-free customer service number as printed on the back of all credit cards.

 *   Ask for the three or four digit Card Verification Code found near the account number on the back or front of a credit card. If the card number is stolen, this number will be unknown.

 *   Tell the customer you will check with the bank and call them back. When you do that, keep good notes. Verify all information the customer provides. If a customer objects, explain that these procedures are for their protection as well as yours.

 *   If the customer still objects to providing any of the above information, abandon the conversation and tell him you are not prepared to do business this way

The Vermont Attorney General’s office of consumer fraud has been contacted and the investigation is continuing in Winhall.

Sex offenders in compliance

ROYALTON — All 79 sex offenders who live in Orange, Windham and Windsor counties are in compliance with registration laws, according to the Vermont State Police.
State police said the Royalton, Rockingham and Brattleboro barracks, or Troop D, spent seven days doing a routine check on all sex offenders in the three counties to make sure they are registered as required.
Troop D commander Capt. Ray Keefe said it was the first time he could remember that all those checked were in compliance.
Keefe said they do checks regularly on a random basis.

Vt. village wants to discuss bridge with NH

BELLOWS FALLS — Officials in a Vermont village want to discuss long-awaited repairs to a bridge connecting the state to New Hampshire.
The well-traveled Vilas Bridge over the Connecticut River was closed in 2009 after an inspection found continued deterioration of the bridge deck.
The bridge, which connects Walpole, N.H., to Bellows Falls, Vt., was built in 1930. It’s been on New Hampshire’s Red List of troubled bridges for more than 20 years.
New Hampshire is responsible for the 635-foot bridge. So far, it has not scheduled reconstruction in its 10-year transportation plan. The delay is caused primarily by an anticipated 30 percent reduction in federal highway money to New Hampshire.
The Eagle Times reports ( Bellows Falls is proposing a June meeting with New Hampshire transportation agents to discuss repairs.

Police checkpoint results announced

The Vermont State Police issued the following release about a roadside checkpoint conducted Wednesday in Westminster:

On 5-23-12 the Windham County Click It Or Ticket Task Force conducted a safety checkpoint on Rt-5 in Westminster VT.  This task force is supported by the Governors Highway Safety Program and consisted of members from the Vermont State Police, Windham County Sheriff Dept and Brattleboro Police.  The checkpoint lasted for 2 hours and over 250 vehicles were checked throughout the evening.  Numerous warnings were issued for various equipment violations including obstructed and cracked windshields, defective equipment and occupant protection issues.  In addition, four tickets were issued for various vehicle violations and failure to wear a seat belt. The intent of these checkpoints are to provide awareness that properly equipped motor vehicles enhance highway safety and the importance of using seat belts as we approach a holiday weekend that has an increase in vehicle traffic and collisions.