Vermont Yankee protests Sunday

BRATTLEBORO — A “Support Vermont” rally and demonstration to declare Vermont’s “independence from Entergy” is slated for Sunday in Brattleboro and Vernon.
Organizers said the nonviolent demonstration will start at the Brattleboro Common at 10 a.m. Sunday, with people walking the eight miles to the Vermont Yankee plant in time for a noontime rally at the plant’s gates.
The SAGE Alliance says that after a 45-minute rally on the Common, school buses will leave for Vermont Yankee gates. People can also join a bicycle procession from the Common to Vermont Yankee.
Once demonstrators assemble near Vermont Yankee, there will be a procession to the reactor gates. Participants will engage in theater and costuming, organizers said, and some are expected to engage in nonviolent civil disobedience.
“We are not going away until Entergy shuts down and safely decommissions Vermont Yankee,” the SAGE Alliance said in a statement.
People engaging in civil disobedience will have nonviolence training, the organizers said.

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