‘Soul of the cello’ in Weston

WESTON – At 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 14, the Church on the Hill presents “Soul of the Cello,” a solo evening with cellist Eugene Friesen.
Friesen’s solo performance will offer the opportunity to witness up-close his unique relationship to music and to the cello. Growing up in a Mennonite church in California juxtaposed with the cultural shift of the ‘60’s, attending the Yale School of Music, performing internationally with the Delos String Quartet while simultaneously making recordings with saxophonist Paul Winter, Friesen’s life in music is full of contrasts and paradox.
In his solo show Friesen aims to display the cello’s heart opening and soaring melodic qualities, but in stirring originals, works by J.S. Bach, and mprovisations, he also aims toward the conflict, energy, sensitivity and innovation that has driven his career.
Friesen is a trailblazer on the cello; his experience playing with drummers from all over the world, plus jamming with poets, dancers and actors have moved him to transcend the traditional use of the cello. Doubling cello lines with voice, lightning-fast double-handed plucking techniques, bold glissandi, percussive bow work – these are some of the colors of Friesen’s solo show.
Using electronics and laptop computer, Friesen also creates multi-layered textures and rhythms in live performance giving symphonic support to his distinctive improvising and expanding the textural palette of his concerts.
Tickets are $10 and will be available at the door or in advance at the Village Green Gallery, 661 Main St. The Church on the Hill is located at 29 Lawrence Hill Road.

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