Some Killington residents to see surprise in bill

By Josh O’Gorman
Staff Writer

KILLINGTON - Some sewer customers will see their bills rise $50 this year.

Tuesday night, the Select Board unanimously approved a measure to raise sewer rates for customers along the Route 4 corridor from $1,250 a year to $1,300 a year.

The rate increase will not affect customers along Alpine Drive, whose rates will remain $1,250 a year.

In 1999, town residents approved a 20-year, $2.6- million bond to build the sewer system. More money was collected than was needed, and the surplus has been used to defray customers’ rates, said Town Manager Seth Webb.

However, that fund has been decreasing quickly in recent years. In 2010, there was a $157,000 balance. In 2011, that amount dropped to $68,000 and in 2012 it fell to $26,525. The increase in rates will stabilize the quickly disappearing fund, which with fund expected to stand at around $23,000, Webb said.

There is still $1.3 million left in payments on the bond, which will reach maturity in 2019.

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