Montpelier council to revote on heating system

MONTPELIER — The City Council in Vermont’s capital city will be voting for a second time in as many weeks on a plan to create a wood-fueled district heating system for its downtown district.
But the new plan is revised from the one the council voted down 4-2 last week.
The city has to decide by week’s end whether it wants to hook a downtown heating system to a renovated system in the state complex that burns wood chips.
Councilors who voted against it said they were worried about uncertainties over the cost. The proposal to be voted on today calls for a less extensive system, but one that could be added to later.

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  1. I think wood-fueled heating system would not be suitable for the downtown district. Because its produce different types of harmful gases. Which are also dangerous for the health..

    •  @new reviews of heat pumps The state office complex already runs on what I believe is a mixed-input heat furnace. I believe that it burns pretty much anything from wood to oil. I’m not an expert, however.
      The heat plant has that really tall smokestack out behind the DMV in Montpelier.
      The state is already going to be replacing that plant as proposed, I believe. I think that the big question is weather Montpelier wants to run steam pipes to buy into the heat for downtown businesses.

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