MAU decides advisory questions

BENNINGTON – The Mount Anthony Union School Board put three advisory questions before voters this year and while two of the questions were supported in Bennington, both were rejected in North Bennington, Pownal, Shaftsbury and Woodford.
The first question asked if all the sixth grade students in Mount Anthony’s five towns should go to the Mount Anthony Union Middle School. Only Bennington sends its sixth grade to the school now although it was built to accommodate the sixth grades from all of its towns.
The question was rejected 301-183 in North Bennington; 357-230 in Pownal; 482-261 in Shaftsbury; and 68-32 in Woodford.
The next question asked if voters were interested in creating a unified school district for kindergarten through 12th grade. While Bennington supported the question 1,550-703, the second question was rejected 254-228 in North Bennington; 309-273 in Pownal; 395-335 in Shaftsbury; and 60-34 in Woodford.
The final question asked if voters wanted to spend up to $75,000 to build a bathroom and concession stand to serve the athletic fields at the middle school. This question was supported in close votes by North Bennington, 254-230, and Shaftsbury, 374-369. It was rejected by Bennington, 1,261-1,028; Pownal, 324-264; and Woodford, 61-36.

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