Man dies after gunfire exchange with police

MIDDLEBURY — Middlebury police say a local man who had threatened to commit “suicide by cop” is dead after an exchange of gunfire in the Vermont community.
Police say they don’t know if an officer fired the shot or shots that killed 57-year-old George Demarais on Thursday afternoon or if he shot himself.
At midday Thursday police say they received a 911 call from Demarais who said he wanted to die via “suicide by cop.”
After police responded Demarais came out of his home carrying a long gun. A note taped to his car read, “Come and get me, I hope you can shoot straight because I can.”
Police say both police and Demarais fired their weapons, but they did not say how many shots were fired.
State Police are investigating.

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  1. Well, at first blush it appears that law enforcement messed this one up…. it will be interesting to hear the final details but when someone actually divulges their intent and is acting upon it, it is usually best practice to try, first, to go another direction in redirecting the person short of that person being an immediate threat to himself or others……

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