Man charged for driving child 40 miles in a tool box

SPRINGFIELD – A Bradford, N.H., man is facing a criminal charge after police said he put one of his children in a truck’s tool box during a drive from Bradford to Springfield, according to the Springfield Police Department.
Russell Johnson Sr., 42, of Bradford, was cited for cruelty by a person having custody over another on Nov. 14.
In a press release, police said Johnson picked up his three children while driving a single-bench pick-up truck. One of the children was put in the tool box that spans the bed of the pick-up while going from Bradford to Springfield.
Bradford is almost 40 miles from Springfield.
Police did not give any information about when the alleged incident occurred or about the age or gender of the child.
According to the press release, Johnson will be arraigned in Windsor criminal court on Jan. 8.

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  1. My father use to put me and my 6 brothers and sisters in the back of the pickup when we were kids, never lost a one of us, today he would face prosecution for doing the same thing, what this world coming too?  I would of liked to have know the age of the kid, was it a young child or a teenager or would have done so just for kicks & giggles given the opportunity?

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