Horse pitches in to build Manchester roundabout

MANCHESTER - While doing work on the roundabout project, construction crews came up against a step that would have been difficult to get through using modern equipment so they took the advice shouted to many who have had vehicle troubles: They got a horse.

Fred, a Belgian draft horse, towed a 600 pair cable, about two inches in diameter, down a slope, across the West Branch of the Batten Kill and up the opposite slope on Wednesday. A FairPoint employee said the cable was named because of the number of fiber-optic lines it contains.

Claude Desmarais, of Barton, led Fred on his trip across the stream. Desmairas said Fred was one of four Belgians he owns that have been performing industrial work for about 30 years.

The roundabout project will replace the intersection known locally as “Malfunction Junction,” where Routes 11/30 and Route 7A meet, with a roundabout intended to reduce congestion.

For the full story, see Thursday’s Rutland Herald.

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