Gravel pit hung up

PLYMOUTH — The environmental permitting process for a controversial gravel pit project is in recess, with the most recent scheduled hearing cancelled.

Noise experts from both sides of the issue — Hawk Mountain Resort and Ralph Michael, owner of the Frog City Gravel Pit and Plymouth Select Board chairman — are consulting with each other over the latest evidence on how much noise will come from the project, according to Linda Matteson, coordinator for the District 3 Environmental Commission.

Both sides are in a dispute over the pit, with many Hawk residents in opposition to the commercial activity because of projected noise and traffic.

The pit was open during the Tropical Storm Irene recovery to produce gravel for new roads, but then shut down after the temporary permit expired.

Michael is moving forward with the Act 250 permitting process but needs a local permit to operate as well.

He withdrew his local permit application to re-open the pit after controversy among residents.

There have been five public hearings on the Act 250 permitting process.

The next hearing, set for Thursday, was canceled.

For the latest updates on the plans for the gravel pit and relevant documentation, go to and type in Act 250 application #3W1049 — Frog City, LLC.

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