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Town Meeting: Woodstock

Town budget
Proposed $4,211,235, $178,310, or 4.42 percent more than this year’s budget of $4,032,925. Budget includes an $85,000 increase in capital outlay spending. The town may purchase a new dump truck and ambulance for fiscal year 2013. Highway budget is up $30,000 to finance a lease purchase on a new loader and backhoe. Wages are up approximately 2.5 percent overall.

Sewer budget
Proposed $675,425, $6,705, or 1 percent more than this year’s budget of $668,720. User fees were down and the town will propose to withdraw funds to keep user fees down.

School budget
Proposed $2,914,057, $69,646, or 2.33 percent less than this year’s budget of $2,983,703.

Woodstock Union High School budget
Proposed $11,384,266, $324,493, or 2.93 percent more than this year’s budget of $11,059,773. Budget includes $58,000 to expand one-student, one-computer initiative into the ninth grade and support the schoolwide technology system. Medical insurance increased 3.5 percent. Administrative support was also added for the athletic director to accommodate the scheduling of student athletes.

Special articles
Shall the Town of Woodstock urge that our elected representatives, take all possible actions to restore to the people, including an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that ‘under our Constitution, money is non speech and corporations are not persons; and further, that upon approval of this resolution at the annual Town Meeting Shall the town send its resolution to Vermont State and Federal representatives within 30 days of passage of this measure?
Shall general obligation bonds of the Town of Woodstock in the amount not to exceed $220,000, subject to reduction from the receipt of donations and available state and federal grants-in-aid, be issued for the purpose of financing the cost of making certain public building improvements, viz: repair of disaster-related damage to the Woodstock Recreation Center Buildings, at an estimated cost of $220,000?

There are no contested races.

Meeting location
Woodstock residents will gather for a floor meeting at the Town Hall Theater at 10 a.m. on March 3 to vote on money matters. Election of town officials, Woodstock Union High School budget, and other special articles will take place by Australian ballot from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Town Hall Theater.