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Shumlin, delegation to mark health co-op opening

SOUTH BURLINGTON — Vermont’s governor and congressional delegation will be among those on hand for the grand opening of a new health co-op to offer health coverage in keeping with the 2010 federal health care law.
Formation of the Vermont Health CO-OP — short for consumer-operated and oriented plan — was announced in June.
The federal law called for the creation of new cooperative or nonprofit health insurance carriers in each state to compete with commercial carriers. It also set up a loan program to get those businesses off the ground.
The grand opening set for Tuesday at 10:30 at 120 Kimbell Avenue in South Burlington is Vermont’s answer to that provision in the federal law.

Fewer state workers in Waterbury could help reduce project by $19 million

In the governor’s press conference at the Waterbury state office complex last week, the administration showed at least one response the state could use if it doesn’t receive expected funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

If needed, $19 million could be saved.

On Wednesday, Gov. Peter Shumlin said he’ll proceed with the new state hospital rather than wait for FEMA, but he noted the administration doesn’t want to proceed with demolishing buildings at the state office complex until the state knows that doing so won’t jeopardize Vermont’s eligibility for FEMA disaster aid.

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On debate eve, candidates argue over health

MONTPELIER — As they gear up for their first debate of the campaign, Gov. Peter Shumlin and Republican challenger Randy Brock are squabbling over health care.
Brock is taking issue with Shumlin’s description of Brock’s plan to curtail community rating — a law that requires health insurance companies to charge people the same premiums for the same coverage regardless of age or gender.
Brock says Shumlin is exaggerating the degree to which the Republican would dismantle community rating. A Shumlin aide says Brock would allow insurance companies to charge three times as much for older customers than for younger, healthier ones.
The two are slated to hash out those and other issues in a Vermont Public Radio debate set for Wednesday at 7 p.m.

Shumlin defends limited debate schedule

Peter Shumlin spends so much time being governor that he won’t have much time to campaign for another term as one.

That’s the rationale being used by the first-term incumbent to defend a campaign schedule that includes fewer than half the number of debates he agreed to in 2010.

Shumlin said he looks forward to “spirited and vigorous campaigning” between now and Election Day against someone he calls a “worthy adversary.”

But he’s holding fast to a limited debate schedule that he says will include only “five or six” debates between now and Election Day. He debated Republican Brian Dubie 13 times in 2010.

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Gov. Shumlin looking forward to debates

MONTPELIER — Gov. Peter Shumlin is planning to launch his first re-election campaign next week and he says he’s looking forward to “five or six” debates with his Republican challenger.
But he says he can’t participate in all the debates he might be invited to.
Shumlin made the comments Tuesday at a news conference before he headed off to the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina.
Shumlin participated in more debates two years ago when he was running for the open governor’s seat, but he now says he has to balance the need to debate with his need to run the state.
Shumlin is being challenged in the fall election by Republican state Sen. Randy Brock.

Shumlin invites town clerks to Irene event

From the Vermont Press Bureau:

When Gov. Peter Shumlin says everybody is invited to tomorrow’s Irene commemoration in Randolph, he means everyone.

Shumlin last Thursday issued a personal email invitation to every state employee, as well as every town clerk inVermont.

The “We Are Vermont Strong Commemorative Gathering,” at the Chandler Centerfor the Performing Arts in Randolph, will feature music, video, art and lots of food. The concert hall opens at 6:30 p.m.

Town clerks might have a bit of a scheduling conflict. Tuesday is primary day and, in their roles as top local elections officials, clerks will likely have their hands full until 7 p.m., the statutorily mandated closing time for polling stations. Then they’ll have to count all the ballots.

Shumlin spokeswoman Sue Allen said the governor understands not every clerk will be able to make it. But she said he wants them to know how much their hard work over the past year has been appreciated, and that he’d love for them to be a part of the commemoration.

As for state employees, she said no one is required to attend. If they want to leave work early to go, she said, it’ll have to be on their own time, not the state’s.

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Police: BTV officers were professional in protest

BURLINGTON — Police in Burlington say officers demonstrated “exceptional professionalism” under adverse circumstances in a review of confrontation between protesters and police that turned violent outside a meeting of New England governors and eastern Canadian premiers.
Police also said they didn’t have enough officers to make arrests.
Vermont Public Radio reports ( Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger said officers were told to respect the rights of protesters to demonstrate. The mayor says he echoed that message to the officers, but he didn’t discuss operational details.
The confrontation last month developed after protesters blocked a bus carrying state and foreign dignitaries to dinner. Police say protesters were warned. When protesters refused to move, police fired pepper balls and used other crowd-control tactics.

Lawmaker: Shumlin made no FEMA promises

MONTPELIER — Vermont lawmakers are coming to the defense of Gov. Peter Shumlin’s administration following criticisms by a candidate to unseat him that he misled the Legislature and the public about the amount of post-Irene disaster relief Vermont was likely to get.
Rep. Alice Emmons, a Springfield Democrat and chairwoman of the House Institutions and Corrections Committee says her panel purposely built a good deal of flexibility into this year’s state construction budget because of uncertainty about funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
She says both Shumlin administration and FEMA officials were clear with lawmakers that it wouldn’t be known for some time how much money Vermont would get.
Republican gubernatorial candidate Randy Brock charged Wednesday that Shumlin and his aides gave lawmakers too optimistic a forecast about FEMA funding.

AP: Police spray Burlington protesters with rubber bullets

BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) Protests kicked off Sunday at the 36th annual meeting of the New England governors and eastern Canadian premiers, even before the talks got under way.

A protest group official said Sunday that police in riot gear used rubber and pepper bullets against protesters outside a Burlington hotel that is the site of the conference.

Avery Pittman of Burlington, spokeswoman for participating protest groups, says police used the rubber and pepper bullets against protesters blocking busses trying to leave the hotel.

Pittman says protesters were standing in front of the slow-moving busses thought to be carrying conference participants when police used the rubber and pepper bullets.

There was no immediate word on injuries or arrests.

Burlington police didn’t immediately return a call for comment.

Raw video posted the website of the Burlington Free Press appears to show an officer shooting a protester twice at close range.

Earlier Sunday, an estimated 500 to 600 people attended a rally at City Hall before marching through downtown to protest government policies toward the environment, immigrants and refugees, and the economy, protest organizers said.

Protesters were also creating a “human oil spill” at Battery Park to decry the possibility that tar sands oil from western Canada might be shipped across Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. Members of the Occupy movement were also holding a regional gathering at the park in the afternoon and evening.

Regional leaders attending the governors and premiers conference had been expected to begin arriving in Burlington on Sunday for meetings Monday.

The protest events, dubbed “Convergence on the Conference,” also included a community dinner and presentations from different groups on Sunday, with more events scheduled Monday.

While protesters speak out on a variety of issues ranging from power transmission lines and oil pipelines to Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant, the governors and premiers and their staffs will be meeting “behind closed doors” to discuss issues that have wide-ranging impacts, Pittman said.

“It’s clear the governors and premiers are meeting to talk about trade policy, energy and infrastructure,” Pittman said. “They’re definitely prioritizing profits and money-making over the needs of the people or the impact these proposals will have on us, the people who live on the land and are affected by the decisions.”

Shumlin campaign freshens up website

From the Vermont Press Bureau:

Peter Shumlin last week had to take a short break from the nonstop work of governing to let Vermonters know he’s going to run for re-election. He told us not to confuse the announcement with the beginning of an actual campaign. No time for campaigns, he said. Too many jobs to create.

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