Buxton defeats Ainsworth

Incumbent Rep. Sarah Buxton, a Democrat from Tunbridge, defeated challenger David Ainsworth, a Republican from Royalton in the Windsor-Orange-1 election on Tuesday.
Windsor-Orange-1 comprises the towns of Royalton and Tunbridge. Buxton won Tunbridge 463-306 and Royalton 650-611. The final vote tally was Buxton 1,113 votes and Ainsworth, 917, a 199-vote margin.
This is the second time Buxton defeated Ainsworth to represent Windsor-Orange-1. In 2010, Buxton was the challenger and unseated Ainsworth by one vote. A recount was issued, but the election results were upheld.
This will be Buxton’s second term in the Vermont House. She served on the House Committee on Education last biennium.

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