Boston cab stopped on I-89 not connected to bombings, police say

WILLISTON – A cab from Boston that was driving slowly up Interstate 89 through Vermont on Friday morning aroused some suspicions but Vermont State Police who stopped it said nothing turned out to be amiss.
       “We got a call from a motorist traveling north on I-89 in the Sharon area who reported seeing a Boston cab traveling 40-to-45 miles an hour in the passing lane and, given what’s going on right now (in Boston), they called it in,” Captain Glenn Hall of the Williston State Police Barracks explained.
       “We came in contact with that cab up in the Williston area.  We spoke with the driver and there is no indication of any connection,” to the massive manhunt underway in the Boston area overnight for suspects involved in Monday’s bombing of the crowd watching the Boston Marathon, Captain Hall said.
       The cab had apparently picked up a fare at Logan Airport and driven them to the Burlington area and was already heading south back down Interstate 89 when police pulled it over shortly before 8 a.m., letting the driver continue on his way after a short conversation with police.
       Captain Hall and another Homeland Security official said Friday morning that so far there have been no alerts to Vermont authorities indicating that anyone related to the bombings might be headed this way.
       “We hadn’t gotten any information beforehand to be on the lookout for anything (like a cab) but obviously with what is going on we are vigilant,” Captain Hall said, adding, “We will certainly check out anything that people call in as suspicious.”

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