Woman to be charged after trying to cut officer’s throat, police say

A transient woman living in Rutland will answer to a charge of attempted murder today after Rutland police say she tried to cut the throat of an officer during an incident inside the department Thursday night.

Jennifer Berube, 39, and her boyfriend John MacLean III, were arrested Thursday afternoon for allegedly trying to use a stolen credit card at businesses on North Main Street and Woodstock Avenue. The pair were being booked on a number of petty offenses and probably would have been released with a citation to appear in court on a later date when Berube somehow obtained a multi-bladed knife and attempted to pull it across the throat of an officer on duty in the booking area, according to Rutland police Sgt. John Sly.

“If it wasn’t for the officer’s skill set, it would have been a totally different outcome,” Sly said. “The minute she laid hands on him, he responded and neutralized the situation.”

Instead of cutting across the officer’s throat the way Sly said she intended too, the blade cut only part of the unnamed officer’s throat. Sly said police were waiting until the officer’s out-of-town relations had been notified to release his identity. The injured officer was taken to Rutland Regional Medical Center where he was treated and released.

Berube was also taken to the hospital after she was restrained by the officer and other members of the force who rushed to assist him. During the struggle, Sly said the woman cut both hands on the knife she wielded.

Both Berube and MacLean will appear in Rutland criminal court today to answer to charges related to the use of a stolen credit card, possession of stolen property and resisting arrest. Berube will also answer to a felony charge of second degree attempted murder against a law enforcement officer which carries a potential life sentence.

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  1. The common denominator with all of the other recent incidents in the news…..mental health issues. When will we figure this out?? Nobody in their right mind would do such a thing… I am extremely thankful that the officer was not severely injured but am also feeling that the shift from a misdemeanor to a life sentence shows how unthinking this act was…

  2. USA Concerned Citizen

    This has nothing to do with mental health issues, its most likely about self induced drug high and coming down off it.  We have no place for people who are not productive citizens, send them to another country who wants them I know we don’t want them.
    Should  BAN all pocket knifes now.

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