Warm today; cold and snow coming

So Kate’s pregnant. What does that have to do with weather in Vermont? Maybe nothing. But you know the saying ‘A butterfly flaps its wings in Shanghai and it rains in New York’…well, the heir to the British throne gets pregnant and we get snow in Vermont.

Okay, that’s a stretch. But we’re forecast for some snow tomorrow, despite the fact that we’re set to have temperatures into the 50s today. It’s sounding like a bit of a confused weather day: clouds, then perhaps some sun, and sprinkles / showers moving through as well. A relatively clear evening will give way to snow overnight. So basically, a typical Vermont day.

The forecast discussion from our friends at the Fairbanks Museum in St. Johnsbury:

A small bubble of high pressure behind a pacific cold front will settle overhead by early this evening, giving us a relatively mild and increasingly sunny day, then a clear first half of the night. By tomorrow morning, the high will have moved to New Brunswick, and another surge of warm air will be on our doorstep as moderately deep low pressure currently near Lake Winnipeg rockets across James Bay and into central Quebec, dragging a warm front through the region. Rain showers ahead of a sharp cold front will arrive Tuesday evening, and change to snow showers early Wednesday once the cold front passes. a trailing upper level trough will keep snow showers going over higher terrain throughout the day Wednesday.

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