Vermont firm implicated in $20M of stolen maple syrup

It seems there has been a lot of maple syrup-related crime lately. Maybe the idea that Vermont should go to the maple syrup standard (like the gold standard) isn’t so far-fetched. People just want the stuff. From the Montreal Gazette:

MONTREAL — It’s another chapter in the great Maple Syrup Theft Caper, one that now transcends international borders.

A Vermont maple sugar candy producer is alleged to have been caught with 12 tanker trucks worth of stolen syrup, traced back to the $20-million theft of the golden elixir from a central warehouse in a small Quebec town about 160 kilometres northeast of Montreal.

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  1. say it ain’t so job creator!

  2. the maple syrup standard . . . . ron paul must be rolling over in his grave . . .

  3. Yeah, the Conservative way… smile :-)

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