Two CSC football players cited in drinking bust

CASTLETON — Four people, including two Castleton State College football players, face charges after police raided two underage drinking parties over the weekend.
Officers from local and state police and Vermont Liquor Control focused their efforts on Castleton as part of Stop Teen Alcohol Risk Team campaign.
At one party, citations were issued to three students accusing them of enabling minors to drink alcohol. Police said two of the men — 21-year-old Cameron Mitchell Laundry of Hartford and 22-year-old Cleveland Burwell of Amherst, N.H. — are members of the school’s football team and were hosting a party following their game that day.
Police said minors who had consumed alcohol also were issued civil violations.
Jeff Weld, a spokesman for the college, said Monday the football players would sit on the sidelines Saturday.

4 Responses to Two CSC football players cited in drinking bust

  1. Excellent use of resources shaming legal-age student-athletes and busting college students. Meanwhile, low-lifes continue to abuse real drugs downtown.

  2. Just Sayin’, there has been a serious problem with noise disturbance, alcohol abuse, and drug abuse at these parties.  My guess, you don’t live near the college campus.  These players shouldn’t be on the sidelines, they should be in the stands…

  3. Sean, I don’t live near the campus, but those “kids”bring in an awful lot of money into the town.When you live near a college, you can’t be surprised when students get drunk.  I guess my bigger problem is that is illegal  for consenting adults to consume alcohol. That is where the binge drinking problem starts right there.

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