Officer shoots self in ankle

MILTON — A Milton police officer is recovering after shooting herself in the ankle.
The police chief said 27-year-old Leanne Werner was cleaning her pistol when the weapon went off Sunday evening.
She was taken to Fletcher Allen Health Care, where she was treated for an ankle injury that wasn’t serious.

4 Responses to Officer shoots self in ankle

  1. Always unload your weapon and safety check it before cleaning. This is common sense.

  2. This person is actually allowed to carry a gun. My 13 year old knows better than that.

  3. When you play with guns all the time, the possibility you will slip up increases.  Just poll shop teachers across the country and you’ll see what I mean.

  4. That’s nothing-About 15yr.s ago a Manchester Vt. cop shot himself in the nads while doing speed checks on west rd.

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