Man shows up for DUI trial with booze on his breath

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION — A North Springfield man who showed up at the front door of the Windsor County Courthouse smelling of alcohol Tuesday morning to answer a pair of drunken driving charges ended up going straight out the back door to jail for contempt of court.
Judge Robert Gerety was not amused when Windsor County Sheriff’s deputies manning the metal detector at the security checkpoint told him that a breath test they had just given to John Barrows, 56, showed a 0.07 percent blood alcohol level.
Judge Gerety quickly signed a terse contempt order noting that Barrows was supposed to be observing a strict “no alcohol” condition as part of his pre-trial release agreement while his two DUI cases are pending.
The deputies took Barrows to the Springfield jail for a one-to-two day sentence for the contempt after which he will be brought back to continue the hearing that had been scheduled.
Barrows was arrested in Springfield back in August and charged with drunken driving — second offense — and also with an accompanying felony count of grossly negligent operation after a caller reported to police dispatchers that a pickup truck was “all over the road” on Route 106. Barrows then picked up his second pending drunken driving charge in October after Woodstock Police stopped him on Route 4 West following a report from a filling station attendant that Barrows had smelled strongly of alcohol when he stopped to ask for directions.

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