Man arrested after walking in the street to get police attention

A Bennington man was arrested Sunday night after nearly 10 phone and 9-1-1 calls about a man walking in the middle of the street causing a traffic hazard on Main and North streets.
Callers said the man was yelling at passing vehicles.

Police charged Tracy Eastman, 40, with disorderly conduct after they said he admitted to walking in the street to draw police attention. Eastman said he’d stopped by the Bennington Police Department about 10 minutes earlier to file a complaint about the theft of a cell phone, but no officer was available to take his report. Police said they were responding to other high priority calls at the time.

Eastman then said he decided to walk in the street because he knew that would get their attention, according to the police report. He also admitted to smoking crack cocaine on Sunday, police said, and figured that might have led to him not thinking rationally.

He has been cited to appear in criminal court on June 3.

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