Five survive fall through Lake Champlain ice

ADDISON — A Vermont fire chief says five men who fell through the ice on Lake Champlain are lucky to be alive.
Addison Fire Chief Chris Mulliss says another five or 10 minutes in the water could have meant life or death for the men who fell through three-inch-thick ice at about 3 p.m. Sunday.
Mulliss says two anglers first fell through the ice about 300 feet off the shore in West Addison, then a nearby homeowner and two other anglers fell in while trying to rescue the first two.
About 50 emergency personnel from Vermont and New York helped with the rescue.
Three of the people who fell in got out on their own while two others had to be rescued by the emergency responders.
No one was seriously hurt.

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  1. Is there an advertisement out there somewhere directing all STUPID people to Vermont? Out of bounds Skiers and people stupid enough to go on  a lake with very few inches of ice especially during warm weather.  These people doing these rediculous acts need to realize that they put all there rescuers in danger not just themselves.

  2. Darwin theory lives

  3. Those ice-fishermen are not well connected, if you get the drift???????

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