Father injured in crash due to be released

Ron Ferro, the father of 17-year-old Carly Ferro, remains hospitalized after the Wednesday night car crash that took the life of his daughter, according to his employee Lori Turner.

Turner, from Ron’s Over Easy’s Restaurant in Cuttingsville this morning, said Ron Ferro underwent an MRI exam Thursday, but is expected to be released before his daughter’s memorial, which is scheduled for 11 a.m. Saturday.

Ron will likely be in a neck brace for the next two to three weeks, Turner said.

A police report reported Ron as having suffered a concussion in the crash, when his car was hit by 23-year-old Alex Spanos, who was driving a Toyota Camry with the license plate “A-Team.”

According to police, Spanos sped down Cleveland Avenue at an estimated 80 mph after huffing a chemical to get high, lost control of the car and hit Ferro’s parked car.

At the time, Carly was walking to her father’s car in an attempt to get in the passenger seat when she was thrown against the store’s wall by the impact of the crash.

She died in the hospital as a result of her injuries about two hours later.

Spanos attempted to leave the scene after the crash, according to a witness statement in the police report.

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  1. it’s obvious Spanos could care less about what he’s done. he tried to leave the scene, his friends tried to hide evidence, and not once did any of those 3 ask if everyone else was alright. Now he denies the charges in court. WOW! This is only one of the many reasons Vermont needs to change it’s laws to protect the victims and punish the criminal.

    • Change the laws, to what?  Shoot him on the spot without a trial?  I do not support this individual in any way whatsoever but having a demented mob mentality toward due process doesn’t ensure civility in our community.  Your perspective is rash, uncultured, immature, such as an individual blinded with rage to the point intelligence has been lost.

  2. I hope somebody is keeping an eye on the money that a certain person is collecting in the name of Carly by selling items.  I think its tasteless and disrespectful.  Look to facebook or your area stores for incoming merchandise.

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