Damp, warm start to October

Good morning. It’s rainy out, although still a bit warm, and the Red Sox have a chance to play spoilers on the Yankees today… although I’m not holding my breath. I confess. There were a few times in the last few weeks I actually rooted against the Sox because they were playing the Orioles or the Rays, who were in position to knock the Yanks out of the playoffs.

Can’t wait for April.

As far as weather goes, it’s certainly fall, but this week is shaping up to be unseasonably warm. Too bad there’s also a healthy dose of rain in the forecast all the way through Friday. Tomorrow may be your best chance to get some sun – it’s supposed to be 68 and partly sunny. For today, showers clearing off, highs in the low 60s.

From our friends at the Fairbanks Museum in St. Johnsbury:
Low pressure just north of Sherbrooke this morning will lift northeastward today, and the rain or showers that it brought to us yesterday afternoon and last night will taper to widely scattered sprinkles or light showers. The last sprinkles probably won’t end over the hills of north-central and northeast Vermont until shortly after sunset. High pressure will build in for later tonight and tomorrow. Through the rest of the week. ridging will build along the East Coast. The developing deep-layered south-southwesterly air flow will pull much milder than normal air into our region beginning tomorrow afternoon and continuing through Friday.

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